About Gulsan

Gulsan’s services have been characterized by innovation and sustainability since its inception in 1946. While specializing in civil projects, the Group’s highly-skilled workforce, robust economic structure and distinguished machinery pool have paved the way for the diversification of its operations to include the construction of roads, bridges, viaducts and highways as well as the production of ready mix concrete and precast concrete beams across Turkey and abroad over the course of the past decades. Services now include construction of residential projects, business complexes, five star hotels, industrial plants, decapping works, and highway projects. Some key milestones encompassing the past decades can be recapitulated as follows:

In 1979 Malatya State Prison was constructed as the first project executed country wide. Followed are 1986 Haydarpasa-Izmit Motorway Expressway & Interchanges Rehabilitation and 1996 Haydarpasa-Izmit Motorway Construction Projects as they are the first large scale motorway construction projects.
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Construction primarily depends on people. At Gulsan we are building projects, while changing our peoples lives. Join us in building the future.


Specialized in energy and infrasturcture projects both domestically and internationally, Gulsan invests in future on a global scale.

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