Derya HPP is located in the Black Sea Region, close the city of Gumushane/Torul, in order to utilize the energy potential of Harşit River.

The project consists of regulator, settling basin, transmission tunnel, transmission channel, forebay pool, penstock, power house, tailwater channel and power transmission line.

The water collected with regulator on the Harşit River at base elevation of 981,20 m and thalweg elevation of 985,00 m is transferred through a 5.668 m long and 5,1 m wide horseshoe transmission tunnel to a forebay pool. After the forebay pool, the water is directed to the 95 m long, 2,95 m dia penstock with a 34,15 m³/s flow, and finally to the horizontal axis francis type turbines at the 931,00 m tailwater elevation level power house.

Produced energy is transmitted by the 5,0 km long power transmission lines of 33 kV capacity to the interconnected power system with Torul HPP electrical switch plant.



Rate of Flow Gross Height Installed Capacity Firm Energy
34,15 m³/s 61,00 m 17,61 MW 1,03 GWh
Secondary Energy Total Energy    
46,41 GWh 47,44 GWh    
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