Gülsan’s third renewable energy project, Dogankaya HPP, was built in the Southeastern Anatolian Region, in the city of Adiyaman, Tut District, on Goksu River.

Dogankaya HPP consists of a regulator, a settling basin, a transmission channel, a forebay pool, a penstock, a powerhouse, a tailwater channel, and power transmission lines.

The collected water is transferred to the forebay pool through a 7750 meter passageway. From the forebay pool, the water passes through 3 penstocks of 2,70 meter wide and 75 meter long. The water flows through the vertical francis turbines at the 523,50 meter powerhouse. Elevation is 60 m³/s. The produced energy is transmitted by power transmission lines of 8,3 km long and of 31,5 kV capacity to the interconnected power system.

Dogankaya HPP commenced commercial power production on 20 April 2012, with an installed capacity of 21 MW, and annual average production of 83 GWh.

In terms of carbon emission, Dogankaya HPP reduces 53.000 tons of CO2 annually.

For the positive environmental impact it has created, this project has applied for verified emission reduction (VER) credits by international independent verification bodies



   Rate of Flow Net Height Installed Capacity Total Energy
66 m3/s 42.00 m 23 MW 88.00 GWh 
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