Gülsan invests in people. A devoted supporter of education, the organization issues more than a hundred scholarships for university students every year. To further encourage and celebrate educational development, the group has been acting as the donor of various school buildings.

Aziz Gul Elementary School, Elazig Turkey

Contribution to the Turkish Benevolent Association

Contribution to the Turkish Educational Volunteers Association

Contribution to Kars Kagizman Sports Club

Contribution to the Renovation of Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mines

Contribution to The Foundation of Istanbul Technical University

Contribution to Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Sponsorship to Yildiz Technical University, 7th International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering, ACE: 11-13 October, 2006, Istanbul

Contribution to Firat University

Contribution to the Amateur Sports Clubs Federation, Elazig

Contribution to the Turkish Education Association "Torches of Education Full Scholarhips" Campaign

Contribution to "Erdogan Yuzer Jeology Engineering Symposium" hosted by Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mines & TMMOB 6-7 September 2007

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