As part of a carbon reduction strategy, Gülsan contributes approximately 392.000 tons/year in various forms to the environment. Due to positive environmental impacts, some projects have been recognized and awarded Verified Emission Reduction (VER) credits by international independent verification bodies.


As part of the renewable energy investment, wind energy and various projects have been included in planned investments, followed by tender and licensing processes. The Group’s medium term annual energy target is 1.5 billion kWh.

Environmental and Social Responsibility for Each Particular Project

Even renewable energy affects nature. It is essential for us to stay informed and aware of potential impacts on the natural world. Therefore, we work to protect the environment surrounding our facilities and aim to reduce the negative impact of power production on the environment.

The energy obtained from renewable energy sources replaces the energy that would be obtained from fossil fuels, thus enabling the reduction of carbon emissions.

In terms of carbon emission, the approximate contribution of the already commissioned Hydroelectric Power Plant [HPPs] facilities, as well as those that will be commissioned in the short term, will be as follows:

• Değirmenüstü HPP ........... 74.000 tons/year CO2
• Sefaköy HPP ....................... 91.000 tons/year CO2
• Doğankaya HPP ................ 53.000 tons/year CO2
• Kasımlar HPP 1 ................. 44.000 tons/year CO2
• Kasımlar HPP 2 ..................130.000 tons/year CO2

The total reduction of CO2 emission will be 392,000 tons/year.

•     Public facilities in the vicinity of the project areas, such as schools, teachers’ recreation facilities, student hostels, police headquarters, sports facilities, and religious shrines have been repaired, maintained and supplied with all necessary equipment.

•     Scholarships are provided to university students who live in the vicinity of the project areas.

•     Because dams and HPPs present an obstacle to migrating fish, fish passages are built for the local and visiting wildlife populations. The dams and their hinterlands are studied accordingly before use as a space for recreational fishing. After research is completed, fish are stocked in the dams by the thousands.

•     Seedlings, seeds and trees are planted in 100,000’s in the vicinity of the project areas.

•     Hundreds of beehives, along with the necessary beekeeping equipment, are delivered to the farmers living in the vicinity of the project areas. Furthermore, purchase guarantees are given for their products. Therefore, they are provided with additional income to supplement their other activities.

•     Animal husbandry and agriculture programs are supported in the vicinity of the project areas. Marketing strategies are developed on behalf of the ranch owners for productive and special cattle. Moreover, additional support is provided for the cultivation of endemic products.

•     The success of these social and environmental efforts depends on the positive impact of the ecologic, social and economic conditions, the three basic pillars of sustainability.

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