The Nissibi Bridge is built on the Ataturk Dam Reservoir across the Euphrates River in Southeastern Anatolia. Due to this bridge, the commuting time on the Adiyaman-Kahta-Siverek-Diyarbakir Motorway has been dramatically shortened. Before the construction, the only method of transportation was via ferries with very limited services. Nissibi has since remedied this issue, offering a quicker and more efficient journey for its users, plus a stunning view to add to the experience.

Since completion, Nissibi boasts a series of record innovations, under the umbrella of the Turkish construction sector.

In technical terms, Nissibi Bridge is a “cable-stayed bridge”. Cable-stayed bridges are modern and functional structures. They are optimal for long spans, similar to the suspension bridges of the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

The four-lane, 610 meter long bridge, is comprised of a 400 meter long span with 96 meters of pylon height on both sides. With these features, the Nissibi Cable-Stayed Bridge boasts a unique record of its own: it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Turkey.

Construction of Nissibi Bridge was completed in 2.5 years.
It was opened for public use in May 2015.

Client: General Directorate of Highways
Location: Adıyaman - Turkey
Construction Period: 900days

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610 m 24.50 m (2x2) Cable-Stayed with 400 meters
span length.
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