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Precast Concrete Production

With Precast Concrete garnering increased recognition for its high quality, technological advantages and ease of installation, Gülsan established its Precast Concrete Plant in 1992, starting with 60 employees. The plant operates on a 60,000 square meter plant area with a 20,000 cum/year capacity in Istanbul and the Marmara Region. Specializing in manufacturing quality ready-mix concrete, precast viaduct beams, New Jersey-type concrete road barriers, pre-cast box culverts, u-type precast drainage channels and many more, there are 2 concrete batching plants, 15 transmixers and 2 concrete pumps at the plant.

All concrete types ranging from lean concrete to C70 can be produced. The annual concrete production capacity is approximately 250,000 cum/year.

Awarded with Quality Assurance System (KGS), Gulsan is a member of Turkish Ready Mix Concrete Association.

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