Scholarship of Gulsan Education and Culture Foundation

For many years, Gülsan has sponsored scholarships for successful university students looking to pursue university education. Gülsan works to foster future generations by promoting higher education through financial support.

Each application must include the following items:

- Student ID Card
- Short Resume
- Essay addressing his/her need and why he/she is deserving of Gülsan scholarship support

Students applying Gülsan Scholarship Awards Program must meet the following qualifications for consideration:

- Candidates should achieve at least 80% in written exam
- Interview
- Candidates should not be granted with any other scholarships

Candidates eligible to be granted scholarship should include the following items:

- One certified copy of current transcript
- Document certifying clean record
- Residence certificate
- One certified copy of certificate of birth
- Scholarship covenant
- Drawing account number - Isbankası
- 1 Passport photograph

Applications are evaluated between 15 August and 30 August. All applicants must attend to a Turkish university.

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